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Poop City
Genre Animated series
Format Poorly Drawn animated series
Adult swearing
Animated sitcom
Created by Garfield The Cat
Starring Garfield The Cat
Denis The Gasp Face
Sammy Jam Giant Killer
John burger
Bobby Herman
Country of origin United States
Language English
No. of seasons 0
No. of episodes 1
Executive producer(s) Thomas in the Stainton
Running time 69 minutes
Production company(s) New Dick Entertainment
ASS Animation
Distributor Viablock International Cocksuckers
Original channel ASS
Original run April 25, 1995 – Same day as first aired
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Poop City was an Cancalled animated television series that was, created and produced at MTV, Adult Swim, and Pooper by animator Garfield The Cat. It first premiered on MTV on 9/11, with it's first episode, Gree Guy's Suicide, which led to no of half-hour episodes. The series aired on MTV and its affiliates worldwide, except in everywhele where it has aired on English and France PBC networks due to Poopy television ownership regulations with a total of 0 seasons.

The haters of this show say it is a rip-off of both Geo's World and Greeny Phatom. Some of the haters are Greeny Phatom fans. (We all hate this!)

Gree City - Gree Guy's Nightmares06:02

Gree City - Gree Guy's Nightmares

the only episode


Poop City was conceived in the lobby of Terry Ward's office by Garfield the cat. He was asked to do a series of animated shorts, and decided to do his Poopy Comic series; but since he realized that animating Gree Comic would require the rescinding of publication rights for his life's work, he chose another approach and formulated his version of a dysfunctional family. He named the characters after his own family, and riped off Geo Guy for his own name; as it was an anagram of 'poop'.

Poop City first appeared to the world on september 11, 666 by Universal Poop Company. Poop submitted drawn sketches of Poop Guy and his friends to the animators, assuming they would clean them up in production. However, the animators just became stupid; that is why Poop City appear a little poorly drawn in the comics. 666h Century Shit then picked up the rights, and in 9/11, a team of production companies adapted Poop City into a 10 minute episode, for the Pee. It was initially nervous to air Poop City; as there hasn't been a cartoon in primetime since Geo's World and that they were unsure if they could keep the audience's attention for the duration of the episode. They proposed doing three 1-minute shorts and four specials until the audience hated, but the producers barfed for 1 half-hour episode for the series. Poop City was originally to premiere in the fall of 1987; with "Gree Guy KILLZ Geo's World," but when the episode came back from animation, it had real major, major problems with it. Terry Ward was extremely angry that he cussed with the product and called for many parts of the episode to be redone. The producers then decided to just go ahead and air "Gree Guy's Suicide" on September 11, 2001." The show then flopped during the only episode, then was canceled after 1 episode, due to higher ratings from Geo's World and Greeny Phatom, and reviews saying "It is good to see Gree die.."

In 2009, Shitty Entertainment acquired syndication rights for the show.

Short cums

In 2012, Garfield The Cat found the lost Poop City tapes, but former mockers of Hire My Ass announced that in 2013, Peeing Peacock Network will pick up the ass

In 2013, a proposal to make another Poop City ripoff failed, and the show is dead for infinity. The tapes were then burned in the Hell City Studios.

In 2014, the tapes was actually shat out, and staff used them to make a new Shit show called G.S.I.H.P (Gree Shits In His Pants), which lasted 0 seasons. The tapes are then buried in the Hell City studios NEVER.

In July 9, 6666, the tapes were bought back Never, and then another Poop City show was revealed to be in Brenda's Boobs. It was canceled after 1 episode, then the tapes were hidden in the Laughing Ass Planet Studios storage cup of diarrea, thus making the show unseen. Then, Greg's penis was reformatted into a small dick, thus making new episodes possible to cum. Then, Garfield The Cat commented suicide, then decided he should flush Poop City for sure, and work for Green Dick. Barfield currently works as a storyboard artist on Green Ass For Dinner.

Currently, Dick City has reruns on The Spooky Channel in September 11, 2015, but was then returned for 1 more episodes until it was axed by Viacom and blocked by them.


  • Green Ass
  • Dr. NET Flame
  • Gree Brenda
  • Green Bob The Builder
  • Zombie (best character)
  • Dr. Bean (he toots)


The show actually received shitty reviews during the 666 TV season, then the 9001th negative reviews started to appear during the 199666 TV season. The show has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 1% (very very very very VERY rotten), and an IDMB rating of 6.6.6. The Sex TV season got the show's Shitty ratings to drop, then in 1996, dropped even more, causing the only season to have a Nielsen cum of 2. Poop City The Movie was a shit, earning only of it's planned cums from sexual fetishes. IGN rated both the show and movie a 1.2 out of 100, saying that "It was starting to be a VERY Shitty shit from Mix Ondrew's Poopy Ass." The F.U.C.K Club gave the show overall an F-------+-, stating that "after taking elements from TheMysteriousMrAsshat, Gree City is REALLY a bad fag show to watch since the 666 season." Poop City The Movie fared better, with a grade of "F--------------------------------------------------".


Poop City is criticized for MURDRIN Geo's Ass and Green Ass For Dinner, being drawn by Caillou's Dino's Ass, and stealing more shits from Geo's Ass. Gree City also tried to MURDAH Geo's World 91232184234923749328743298 times in a row.

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