Okay you know what? This is dumb. Who even cares about Gree City anymore? Gree City, Geo's World, Greeny Phatom, etc. ARE ALL THE EXACT SAME THING! Just look for yourselves, the characters look similar and how many times did that "Little Guy" thing get recolored? Nearly every one of these so called "shows" has at least ONE of these Little Guy recolors! Not to mention you all are hypocrites if you hate Gree City BUT you love another MSPaint show like "Geo's World" for example. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME THING! I'm fed up with all these ugly looking MSPaint characters taking over the internet, corrupting the minds of innocent individuals, and stealing. Yes stealing, which happens to be a theme with these MSPaint shows, you steal characters, logos, plots, style, and lie to everybody saying that these "shows" existed on TV as late as 1983 which MSPaint nor the Text-To-Speech voices used in these wasn't popular until AFTER 2000. And why would TV air a stupid slideshow of old refrigerator drawings made by some kid from the Make-A-Wish foundation? They wouldn't, I don't see this trash EVER airing on TV. And if it did, SEND ME PROOF! I'll be able to tell if its Photoshop or cheap editing.

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